Portrait of Sauvik Goswami

“I met one of my mentees when he was a first-year student and a member of the student organization S.T.A.R. (Students to Assist Recruitment). I have really enjoyed our daily interactions over the last four years. With mentorship, you often read how the relationship benefits the mentee, but

I truly believe it has even more of a positive impact on the mentor.

During our conversations I would frequently take my own experiences and share it in a way to help provide guidance. Through this daily practice, he

helped me develop my own skills of listening, empathy, and approachability. These are all traits I hope to bring to any organization or team. It helps me build genuine connections with colleagues and other students. These are all skills I need to excel in to be effective in my current position.” 

Sauvik Goswami, Career Advisor & Assessment Manager – Pomerantz Career Center

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