Why Become a Mentee?

Build intentional and meaningful relationships with individuals who have the experience, knowledge, and demonstrated success to positively impact your life, including your academic, personal, and/or professional goals.

More specifically, a mentoring relationship can provide you with the following:

  • Assistance with your academic transition and success
  • A personal and reciprocal relationship, including emotional support and guidance navigating through challenges
  • A strengthened support network, both on campus and within your field
  • Opportunities for professional and career exploration and preparation

Learn more about being a mentee through the links below, as well as the other resources on this site.

Resources and Toolkits

Mentoring Opportunities

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Who are Iowa Mentees?

Anyone who wants to embark upon academic, personal, and/or professional growth through the creation of an intentional and reciprocal relationship with a mentor, including faculty, staff, and students.

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Benefits for Mentees

While you can pursue a mentoring relationship at any point in your academic, professional, or personal development, you may enjoy specific benefits at certain points along your path. Examples are laid out on this page.

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Expectations of Iowa Mentees

Each mentoring relationship is as unique as the individuals involved, so mentor and mentee expectations should be developed collaboratively to fit the needs of the relationship.