Discover what past and current Iowa mentors have to say about their experiences working with mentees.

These testimonials illustrate the personal and reciprocal nature of mentoring relationships, where mentors grow alongside their mentees as both parties actively invest in the process.

Portrait of Sauvik Goswami

“I met one of my mentees when he was a first-year student and a member of the student organization S.T.A.R. (Students to Assist Recruitment). I have really enjoyed our daily interactions over the last four years. With mentorship, you often read how the relationship benefits the mentee, but I truly believe it has even more of a positive impact on the mentor. During our conversations I would frequently take my own experiences and share it in a way to help provide guidance. Through this daily practice, he helped me develop my own skills of listening, empathy, and approachability.”

Sauvik Goswami, Career Advisor & Assessment Manager – Pomerantz Career Center

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Portrait of Rachel Ahern

“I first met Kaitlyn when she was interviewing for a position in the Office of Admissions. We truly got to become partners in the process with designing the presentation and content that would be shared with prospective students. We were able to build off one another as I was able to learn about her experiences as a student pursuing a graduate degree in the health sciences while I was able to help share experiences in engaging with her audience, presentation skills, and problem solving. Kaitlyn has taught me so much about following the beat of your own drum, being unshakable in motivation and pursuing your goals, and dealing with challenges."

Rachel Ahern, Admissions & Enrollment Coordinator – Carver College of Medicine

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Portrait of Susan Dickinson

“Jasmine [my mentee] and I have had some tough conversations over the years. Her first semester in admissions, a fellow student employee made a racist comment in the workplace. Since I, as a white woman, have a different lens than she does as a young woman of color, I learned a lot from Jasmine in this situation as well. We worked together to process her feelings about the incident, and I learned a lot from her perspective about how I, as the student’s supervisor, should address the situation appropriately. Now that she’s graduated, I will continue to be a support system for her. I have learned so much from being her mentor, and she has had such a huge impact on me both personally and professionally.”

Susan Dickinson, Assistant Director for High Ability Recruitment, Office of Admissions

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Portrait of Chelsea Higgins

“When I was first getting into science and research, I had no idea what I was doing, and I felt very lost. When the Iowa Biosciences Academy started the peer mentoring program, I jumped at the chance to be a mentor and provide students with the resources I lacked during my first year. Through peer mentoring, I got to help a few brilliant students find their footing, and even though we were different majors, I got to learn more about myself in the process. Having to explain resources and learn about resources for different departments really gave me a new outlook. Being a mentee is obviously beneficial, but I feel being a mentor is equally amazing!”

Chelsea Higgins, Undergraduate Student, BS Biology, BA Music, Peer Mentor

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