At the University of Iowa, we know that mentoring matters.

For faculty, staff, and students, building intentional connections is a top priority. As a matter of fact, based on what new undergraduate students tell us through their Excelling@Iowa transition survey their first semester, we know that creating connections with peers, faculty, and staff is one of the primary goals that many students hope to accomplish during their time as a Hawkeye. We also know through the personal stories of faculty, staff, and students on campus that mentoring relationships established at Iowa have a profound impact on both the mentor and the mentee. Check out these Hawkeyes’ stories about their experience with mentoring at Iowa!

Mentee Testimonials

Discover what past and current Iowa mentees have to say about their experience working with mentors. 

Mentor Testimonials

These testimonials illustrate the personal and reciprocal nature of mentoring relationships, where mentors grow alongside their mentees as both parties actively invest in the process. 

Recognizing Mentors

There are many different ways across campus for you to celebrate and uplift the mentors in your life. This short list serves as an introduction to how you can formally recognize their investment in your growth through a University of Iowa affiliated award.