Each mentoring relationship is as unique as the individuals involved, so mentor and mentee expectations should be developed collaboratively to fit the needs of the relationship. We encourage you to have an open and honest dialogue with your mentor and develop a set of shared expectations that work best for you as a pair. When beginning to think about how you should conduct yourself in the mentoring relationship, we encourage you to follow the best practices below. 

  • Focus on achieving learning goals 
  • Engage in a growth mindset
  • Expect to drive the mentoring relationship 
  • Create SMART goals that will contribute to your development 
  • Be authentic, open, and honest 
  • Prepare for all mentoring meetings 
  • Stay connected and in communication with your mentor 
  • Be willing to stretch and step out of your comfort zone 
  • Ask for (and give!) specific feedback
  • Focus on the future 
  • Reflect regularly by keeping a learning or personal journal, blogging, etc.

Check out Best Practices for Mentees, Developing Shared Expectations, and the Sample Mentoring Agreement for further details.

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